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Byndd IT help to improve your marketing spend with optimization through strategy and efficiency at the marketing process/buying level. Our solutions include strategic consulting, process design, operational services, and digital consulting. We’re specialists in social media, behavioral advertising, e-commerce, digital marketing technology, and other digital marketing activities.

IT Services and Solutions
Designed to perform with excellence and auto upgrade

We have a list of essential services for the growth of a business and for a strong and reliable IT infrastructure.
We help you generate high-quality online sales leads by implementing highly structured, persuasive Internet marketing campaigns.


Web Designing

We understand your customize design to suit your needs to help you stand out from the millions of other websites.


Website Development

Development services for web and cloud platforms to help enterprises accelerate their time-to-market and maximize ROI.


SEO & Digital Marketing

We work as digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, Display and Analytics.


Domain & Hosting

In addition to standard parts, components that are specifically designed and Byndd ITzed for their application are used to a great extent.


Business & Analysis

Learn about the comprehensive list of service, We provides to help with data analysis, advertising, site performance and more.


Mobile APP Development

A mobile app, most commonly referred to as an app, is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone.


Android Apps Development

Android OS covers a large portion of this mobility world, We help you to target these customers.


iPhone App Development

We do native mobile application development for any kind of custom need on the latest platform of iPhone.


Native Apps Development

Native Apps provides one with special features for its platforms due to its individual reliance on each and every operating OS.


Hybrid Apps Development

Preferably for startups, cost effective, work efficient Hybrid Apps promise quick turnaround and working.


Web Apps Development

Unrestricted access and no added charges or renewals, Web Apps provide with multiple usage for a wide diaspora


Mobile Apps UI/UX

User remains focused only on UI/UX, make sure you dont miss out on the same


Personal Blog Design

Personal websites can be used for promotion, job searches, personal branding, creative expression, or communication. They may serve as a publishing platform with more freedom than social networks or corporate sites.


API Development

In computer programming, an application programming interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, communication protocols, and tools for building software.


Data Uniform & Version Upgradation

Keep your organization current and ready for growth with an new version upgrade. We are here to upgrade your s/w, website without affection a user experience..


Mailer Design

Mailer design service focuses on designing effective email campaign design that not only reach out to the user, but also catch users attention.


Payment Gateway Integration

A payment gateway allows your online store to accept credit card payments from customers. Payment gateways cost money and charge per transactions, and there are a lot of them to choose from.


Website Speed Optimization

How slow is your site? We are here to website speed optimization, to help you rank better and produce more conversions. You’ll get higher traffic and attract more qualified leads that can be converted into customers.

Byndd HR & Payroll HRMS System

With our HRMS software technology, you can facilitate all your requirements associated to productively managing employee details, payroll, attendance, application tracking, performance reviews and more.

Byndd, dispenses end-to-end solutions for recruiting, staffing and consulting and professional services organizations. With Byndd, you can seek to improve every aspect of your business: workflow, controlling, staffing and payroll.

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