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Byndd IT are highly passionate and skilled professionals with flair of innovation as a web development & full service digital marketing company. We earn trust by developing your business reputation digitally, building elegant websites & generating relevant web traffic that can drive more conversions to your business. Being as a web design & online marketing company with candid professionals, high flexibility & creativity, we offer services @ scale & outreach for global brands from our main office in India, and hub offices in USA & Europe.

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Automotive & EV

Complexity of modern automotive software demands development methodologies that save time and ensure reliability. We at Embitel, achieve this by using modelling techniques powered by tools like MATLAB, Simulink and Simscape, and more.

Automation of processes like code generation, testing and documentation lead to faster time to market, something that automotive companies always aspire. Model Based Development (MBD) can result in average costs savings of 25%-30% and time savings of 35%-40%.

Over the past decade, our team of MATLAB programming experts has been delivering cost and time savings with Model Based Design approach for product development.

Use Cases for Model Based Development of Automotive Embedded Software

BYNDD IT has successfully delivered automotive software developed using Model based design methodology. Our expertise in MBD powered automotive product development spans across the following areas:

Body Control Module

  • Algorithm design, simulation using tools like Matlab / Simulink. ASCET & Labview.
  • Modeling and simulation, autocode generation using RTW, Targetlink etc.
  • Rapid prototyping with porting & optimization.
  • MIL, SIL and HIL testing using ETAS, dSpace, Mathworks, MBTech, Opal-RT tool chains.


  • ASIL-D certified MPC5643L dual core micro controller.
  • 2 KW NIDEC Motor (Automotive Grade).
  • ASIL-D Pre-driver Component– Controls the motor with integrated PWM; Regulates HALL sensors etc.
  • Gate Driver IC- Acts as power amplifier for MOSFETS; Also sends error feedback to the ECU in a closed loop system.
  • H-Bridge Component– MOSFETs.
  • Steering Angle and Toque Sensor– Measures the angle and torque on the steering.
  • HALL Sensor Feedback– To measure RPM, Motor Speed etc and send the data to the ECU.
  • Temperature Sensors- Measures the temperature and feeds the reading to the ECU. This facilitates shutting down of the motor at high temperature.
  • Voltage measurement sensor- Measures the motor voltage and passes the info to the ECU as a feedback.

Instrument Cluster

Automotive components have undergone a massive technological revolution in the recent past. The building blocks of automotive systems gradually transitioned from mechanical to electronic, while establishing a new status quo in the industry.

One of the main drivers for this change was the increasing amount of digital content that was being accessed from within the vehicle. Information gathered from the internet for entertainment, road traffic monitoring data obtained from satellites, transmission of vehicle location data to the cloud, etc. are some of the examples of data transmission from/to the modern vehicle.

HVAC Systems

A Hands-on Demo Video: How to perform Functional Testing of HVAC, Mirror Control and Seat Control ECU
Automotive systems are built around very specific requirements, in order to perform some specific tasks/functions.
Thus, the number one priority of the product development and testing teams is to ensure that the product achieves what is expected.

Motor Control System

  • Hardware Platform: Infineon.
  • BLDC Motor: 400 watts.
  • MATLAB and SimScape.
  • Integration of our proprietary and production-grade UDS Protocol Stack (ISO 14229).
  • Current Reading Algorithms.

Seat Control ECU

  • Matlab / Simulink 2013b.
  • Matlab / Simulink 2016b.
  • ERT coder.
  • IAR compiler.
  • CANoe.

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