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Byndd IT are highly passionate and skilled professionals with flair of innovation as a web development & full service digital marketing company. We earn trust by developing your business reputation digitally, building elegant websites & generating relevant web traffic that can drive more conversions to your business. Being as a web design & online marketing company with candid professionals, high flexibility & creativity, we offer services @ scale & outreach for global brands from our main office in India, and hub offices in USA & Europe.

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  • 01. Team of expert web developers, designers, & digital marketers
  • 02. Huge list of valuable clients catering wide range of web solutions.
  • 03. Many unique success stories in web creativity & development.

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Automotive Open System Architecture: A Global Partnership for AUTOSAR Architecture in ECU Software

The founding principle of AUTOSAR consortium is to create one common standard, accepted by global OEMs’, for in-vehicle networking and automotive ECU development. The charter states – “Cooperate on standards, compete on implementation”

Benefits of migrating to AUTOSAR architecture:

  • Improved reuse of ECUs in new car platforms and architectures
  • Improved use of pre-validated and tested software components (representing vehicle functions)
  • Reduced testing and safety certification costs
  • Reduction in downstream design errors—an AUTOSAR methodology allows functions to be defined and verified at an architectural level
  • Reduction in overall hardware cost by improved AUTOSAR network management and capacity utilization
  • Reduced costs in overall network architecture analysis and design reviews
  • Improved communication between OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, by using a standardized digital exchange format (AUTOSAR XML or arxml)

AUTOSAR MCAL Development, Code Generation, Testing

  • Development of Eclipse based Configuration tool and Perl/Python based Code Generation Tool
  • In-depth expertise in customization of the configuration tool, as per your requirements
  • Our team can also deliver a standalone executable (.exe) package (code generation tool).
  • This .exe file can be easily integrated and configured with any Configuration Tool, as per the project requirement.
  • MCAL Driver development, as per ISO 26262 Standard
  • Creation of Test Environment (Test Applications, BSW stubs and Simple Scheduler), for testing each MCAL component.

AUTOSAR RTE and BSW Configuration & Integration

  • Integration of AUTOSAR BSW stack (basic software) with the Application Layer.
  • Integration of AUTOSAR RTE (Run-time environment) with the Application Layer.
  • We have delivered projects on BSW, RTE configuration and integration by leveraging our expertise in the following AUTOSAR tools
  • Comasso,
  • DaVinci Developer Tool from Vector
  • EB Tresos Studio

Migration to AUTOSAR 3.X or 4.X

Expertise in following control algorithm development
  • Technical and business workshops to analyze your product roadmaps and assessment of migration to AUTOSAR 4.3 or AUTOSAR 3.X, across the product lines

Model Based Development of the Application Layer

  • Model-Based Development (AUTOSAR, DaVinci Developer Tool from Vector) and logic implementation for Application layer of the AUTOSAR Software Stack

ISO 26262 Compliant CDD Development and Integration

  • Development of ISO26262 compliant CDD
  • Creation of test environments, to validate CDD
  • Integration of CDD with existing configuration

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