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Byndd IT are highly passionate and skilled professionals with flair of innovation as a web development & full service digital marketing company. We earn trust by developing your business reputation digitally, building elegant websites & generating relevant web traffic that can drive more conversions to your business. Being as a web design & online marketing company with candid professionals, high flexibility & creativity, we offer services @ scale & outreach for global brands from our main office in India, and hub offices in USA & Europe.

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  • 01. Team of expert web developers, designers, & digital marketers
  • 02. Huge list of valuable clients catering wide range of web solutions.
  • 03. Many unique success stories in web creativity & development.

Automotive & EV

What Is Connected Vehicle Technology and What Are the Use Cases?

A connected vehicle is one that is capable of connecting over wireless networks to nearby devices. Connected vehicles are an important factor in the advance of IoT. The use cases range from connected entertainment systems that connect with the driver’s mobile phone to Internet-connected vehicles that have bi-directional communication with other vehicles, mobile devices and city intersections.

One of the primary use cases for the IoT car is safety, via rapid vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside unit communications (also known as V2X). But there are many other examples of connected vehicle technology at work in the automotive IoT space as well, as we will explore.

Android Automotive Services

Build Futuristic Automotive Cockpits Using Google’s Exclusive Car Android OS

Automotive Digital Instrument Cluster

Delivering unique driving experiences through streamlined and timely information display

Android Infotainment System

Your Partner for Android Infotainment System Development and Testing Services

Head Up Display

We offer a production-ready HUD with proprietary hardware and software design which can be launched in the market with minimum branding and/or feature customization as per your requirement.


Our team of HMI design champions has collaborated with global customers to develop cloud-based, operator-centric HMI software and plug-in solutions.

Android / Linux Porting

Porting of open-source Linux and Android instead of porting a proprietary operating system for Connected Car, Telematics, Head-Up Display applications, offer several advantages.

Vehicle Telematics System Development

The automotive industry has seen a massive digital transformation in recent years. The integration of IoT with mobility has redefined the status quo in the automotive landscape.

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Our prime focus has always been to deliver smart solutions that enhance our customer’s profitability

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Here are a few success stories of our past engagements with leaders in automotive and Digital services.

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focusing on high-end designs and latest technologies, so that ideas be turned into advanced S/W solutions.

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Believes in providing quality services beyond expectations. Hireus for your business will avail countless benefits.
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