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Byndd IT are highly passionate and skilled professionals with flair of innovation as a web development & full service digital marketing company. We earn trust by developing your business reputation digitally, building elegant websites & generating relevant web traffic that can drive more conversions to your business. Being as a web design & online marketing company with candid professionals, high flexibility & creativity, we offer services @ scale & outreach for global brands from our main office in India, and hub offices in USA & Europe.

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  • 01. Team of expert web developers, designers, & digital marketers
  • 02. Huge list of valuable clients catering wide range of web solutions.
  • 03. Many unique success stories in web creativity & development.

Automotive & EV

Body Control Module

Our Embedded Software and Hardware development team has delivered automotive electronics solutions ranging from HVAC Control System, Seating Control, Adaptive Lighting Control, Power Windows, Smart Actuators and more.

Motor Control Development

We have partnered with customers to develop electronic based motor control solutions for Electronic Power Steering (EPS), Seating Control, Smart Actuator for Turbo Chargers and other applications.

Functional Testing (HIL/MIL/SIL)

Our Software & Hardware Testing teams have in-depth Automotive Domain expertise. For more than a decade, We have been partnering with Automotive OEMs’ and Suppliers from USA, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India, and Europe.

Embedded controllers are designed, developed and manufactured to support a wide range of vehicle electrification applications. These include but are not limited to communication and I/O gateways, vehicle control, battery management, charge control, and generic system control.

We provides additional software and hardware products to support the use of its embedded controllers.

Think Wisely Now

Our prime focus has always been to deliver smart solutions that enhance our customer’s profitability

Experience Team

Here are a few success stories of our past engagements with leaders in automotive and Digital services.

Reboust Plan

focusing on high-end designs and latest technologies, so that ideas be turned into advanced S/W solutions.

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Believes in providing quality services beyond expectations. Hireus for your business will avail countless benefits.
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We’r dynamic & talented,
We can take type effort

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